Connect – Measure – Improve
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    Save on Fuel Costs

    Recent studies show significant fuel savings for fleet owners that use GPS tracking. Our comprehensive Maintenance Module will send reminders when scheduled maintenance is due extending the life of your vehicles. GPS tracking easily pays for itself...we even guarantee it. Eliminate excessive idling, speeding, after hours use and even harsh acceleration.

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    Improve Customer Service

    Leapfrog your competition with innovative features that your customers will love. Arrive quicker, and easily share the progress of your truck with your customer...your whole team is on the same page. Signature capture allows for immediate invoicing with our smartphone based job scheduling and dispatch app.


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    Enhance Productivity

    Get more done with less. GPS tracking gives you the visibility of your fleet and team that you can't manage what you don't measure. Easily route the nearest truck and avoid traffic with turn by turn directions via Garmin or smartphone. Reduce or eliminate all those extra back and forth phone calls so you can focus on more important priorities at the office.

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    Go Green

    Help the environment with GPS tracking. Not only will you save money on fuel but you are also doing us all a favor by lowering your greenhouse gas emissions. Show your customers you are embracing technology to be more efficient with your energy use. Run a greener fleet.


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    Employee Safety

    Fleet owners using GPS tracking find the accident rate is reduced. This translates into a safer work environment for your team and lower insurance rates. Some devices support lone worker panic buttons for added peace of mind with worldwide coverage.



As GPS fleet management specialists based in Vancouver BC we are here to help you manage your mobile assets. Our powerful GPS tracking platform empowers you with a host of useful tools that will have an immediate positive impact to your bottom line.

You can not manage what you can not measure, and GPS tracking gives you all the detailed information and control you need to manage down the cost of your fleet operations while enhancing customer service.

Take full control of your fleet and start enjoying the many benefits…we make GPS fleet tracking painless, with a Free Consultation and Demo, Free Trials, No Contracts, Lifetime Hardware Warranty, Unlimited Training and a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

     GPS Fleet Tracking: What Can It Do For My Business?

  • Boost profit
  • Increase routing and dispatching efficiency
  • Provide a theft-recovery solution for company vehicles
  • Organize and log tax-deductible mileage in seconds
  • Eliminate wasteful fuel consumption
  • Shape employee safe driving behaviors
  • Audit employee productivity
  • Extinguish unauthorized use of company vehicles
  • Improve customer service
  • Extend vehicle life with built in maintenance module
  • Go green
 GPS Fleet Tracking is the only vehicle management solution that will lower fuel costs, increase employee performance, reduce company liability and improve safety.

We take great pride in delivering great value and exceptional on-site service and customer support. Our many happy clients agree…we are easy to do business with.

Call us today at 1-855-278-3571 to learn more.