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The Agile Fleet Tracking System places real-time vehicle location data at your fingertips
Through our intuitive interface you can quickly delve into the location and direction of each vehicle.  You will know where all of  your vehicles are at all times.  You will know where your vehicles have been, when they arrived, and how long they have been there.
Dispatch decisions are made quickly and accurately ensuring the right person is sent to each job.  Agile Tracking Solutions enables you to identify the most efficient routes and dispatch your fleet accordingly.  In the case of inclement weather, traffic jams or other unforeseen issues, you can remotely reroute a single driver, or your entire fleet, though Garmin Navigation System integration.  Imagine having the capability to reroute your entire fleet without ever picking up the phone or radioing your drivers!  Having the ability to change a predetermined route within a drivers Garmin System also eliminates the risk of miscommunication or navigational error.
Monitor Fleet Activity
The ability to monitor and manage the amount of time it takes a technician to arrive at a job site and the amount of time spent at the job site will increase efficiency and productivity, opening up the opportunity to complete more jobs per day.  This will directly increase any company’s bottom line.