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Fleet Management fleet

Fleet Management is by far the most popular application of GPS tracking and we have a great solution no matter how simple or complex your needs may be.


TrailerAsset Tracking

We can help you track your valuable assets like shipping containers, packages, special equipment… you name it. Some devices have worldwide coverage and a three-year battery life.


images2Personal Tracking / Senior Care

For the security and well-being of seniors who need monitoring, we have simple cost-effective solutions designed for this. Or simply track a smartphone on the same platform.



imagesLone Worker Application

For the safety of your team we offer portable GPS tracking devices that support panic buttons with global coverage. This can alert your office for immediate action.


product-hosted-gpsDispatch / Job Scheduling

Today many service companies are looking for tools to help with job scheduling and dispatch. We have a smartphone app that does it all with features like: drag and drop job scheduling, on-site invoicing and signature capture.


p_lmu3000Theft Recovery / Insurance

We offer a number of devices that meet the needs of the insurance and car rental industries. We can set up features to alert you when certain conditions occur.



indexRemote Equipment Monitoring

If you need live 24/7 remote temperature monitoring in your truck, we can send you alerts when a certain temperature is reached.




Newsecurity1024x768Security Industry Tools

We have an industry-leading solution for the security industry. With our leading edge platform and handheld devices using RFID tags designed specifically for security guards.