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As our name suggests we are an agile and responsive team of GPS experts in the fast growing Machine to Machine (M2M) or Location Based Services (LBS) market. We provide businesses with a broad range of GPS tracking solutions including Fleet Management, Asset Monitoring and Mobile Work Force Tracking. If it moves we can track it.

Our priority is to listen and learn about your needs so we can present a GPS tracking solution that matches your exact requirements in a cost effective manner. A dedicated Fleet Consultant will be committed to providing you with exceptional service and support over the long term.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose Agile Tracking Solutions (based on customer feedback).

1. We have a unique ability to adapt to your needs. While most GPS vendors have a single solution approach, we offer you a customized solution with multiple options for hardware, data plans and software licenses.

2. Powerful, state-of-the-art GPS tracking platform. Our highly customizable yet easy to use cloud-based platform is an award winning, enterprise ready world class solution. Compare it feature by feature to any other vendor.

3. Free 60-day evaluation period. Four new “Plug and Play” OBD devices are available. These are free to try and they install in less than two minutes.

4. No long term contract. We are confident in what we do. You are free to go elsewhere if not satisfied. Our month-to- month service agreements have no surprises or hidden fees.

5. Special projects are welcome. Our technical team is ready to take on any integration to existing back end applications.

6. Wide choice of GPS hardware. Why limit your choice? You get the best and newest GPS devices available on the market today. As your needs change you will have a superior choice of hardware options.

7. Fast, professional on-site installations. There are many choices out there but most companies agree, it pays to stay with a proven service provider with a local presence for that personal touch and on site training and service.

8. Unlimited training. We want to help you get the most out of your GPS tracking solution so you will tell others about it. We have on site training and online training tutorials available as well.

9. Custom Reporting. Available to all clients this year is our new reporting framework that allows you to customize reports to a new level and see data in several easy to read graphic formats.

10. Virtual and Garmin Dispatch. You can build and optimize routes and monitor how each truck is progressing compared to the route plan. Garmin integration gives you two-way messaging and turn-by-turn directions.

11. Easily Share Tracking. This allows you to share the progress of a vehicle: just enter the email and the hours, your customer can watch the progress of that vehicle as it approaches their location…with no log-in required. A big time saver for our clients.

12. Consultative approach. Given the flexibility of our solution and the choices you have, your dedicated Fleet Consultant will take great care to understand your needs before we make a final recommendation.

13. Route Optimization. Easily send the best directions to your closest driver via email to a smart phone or to a Garmin navigation device. This results in quicker response times, lower fuel usage and higher productivity.

14. Choice of data providers. We work with several cellullar and satellite wireless data networks. Let us help you choose the best option for your company.

15. Driver Detail, Maintenance Module, Maintenance History, Route Geofences, Route Replay, Admin Controls, Custom Alerts, Google Street View…too many to list here. New features are added every month according to customer requests.

If you already use GPS tracking and have invested in hardware, good news…we can potentially use your existing hardware on the Agile platform. Now you have a great option available…you can upgrade to a more advanced GPS tracking platform and likely save money on the monthly tracking costs at the same time.