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Calamp LMU 3000

We offer a complete GPS Tracking and Dispatch solution.

GPS tracking hardware…our platform supports over 200 devices from quality manufacturers.

GPS tracking software…a powerful, highly configurable, easy to use cloud based solution.

Data plans…from a variety of cellular and satellite providers for reliable worldwide coverage.

GPS device installations…on-site, friendly and very experienced installers ready to serve you.

Dispatch and Job Scheduling App…a powerful app that harnesses the power of the smartphone for painless Dispatch and Job Scheduling.

Mobile Solution…Track your smart phones on the same platform as your vehicles and assets.

Security Industry…Security companies have unique needs and we lead the industry with innovative hardware solutions.

Enterprise Version…For large fleets that want to host their GPS platform in house to avoid monthly fees.

Professional Consulting Services…if you have a special project or a very specific need we can help.



GPS Tracking Platform

MT GU Garmin Ready Device

Enfora MT GU Device


Calamp LMU 2600


AT 3000

Novatel AT 3000 Asset Tag