Connect – Measure – Improve


How GPS can save lives by helping new drivers drive smarter, safer and greener..

Agile Tracking has recently launched a new service called Agile Smart Dash. Smart Dash shows great promise in how it can reduce risk, reduce accidents and possibly save lives of new drivers and passengers.

Here is how it works. Install our plug-in OBD device, download the free app and that’s it…now you can turn any car into a connected smart car. A whole new way to integrate your smartphone with your vehicle. This interactive learning tool leads to safer, smarter and greener drivers.

You can also measure aggressive driving habits like speeding and harsh braking to get a driver score to compare with others. This would be perfect for schools looking to promote a safer student population by embracing technology that results in more aware and educated new drivers.

We are now starting to work with high schools as a pilot project to introduce the concept to parents. Our studies have shown teens are receptive to the concept as it sets the parents at ease about loaning out the family car.

System features live tracking in case of emergencies, shows cheapest gas near by and reads engine diagnostic codes too. The features and benefits are too numerous to list here but we can send our info sheet.