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Is now a good time to get GPS tracking for your fleet?

Well….Yes! Just take a close look at what a good GPS tracking platform can do compared to a few years ago. In the last three years we have seen a big increase in the type of information you can get from a GPS tracking service. It is a far reaching list of events, alerts and activities can can easily be delivered in a report emailed to you every week. 

Now you get accurate start/stop times, after hours reports, excessive idling alerts, speeding alerts, rapid acceleration and harsh braking alerts…all to help identify bad driving habits.  In addition engine data can be presented for a comprehensive Maintenance component to a GPS fleet management system.

But the main reason now is a good time to get GPS tracking is because fuels costs are up and fleet owners need a way to reduce fuel usage. A GPS tracking service is the only way to take control and manage down the cost of your running your fleet…and good news, it is now more affordable than ever.