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Top 6 Ways To Get The Best ROI From Your GPS Tracking System


Hello, and thanks for dropping by my blog. This is the first in a series of posts as we test out our new social media portal from local marketing gurus Spokal. Learn about them here… Lets see what some initiative on social media marketing can do for Agile Tracking Solutions! Please take a moment to comment below or follow us on social media sites. I will report my story as we go so stay tuned and maybe other companies can learn and grow with us.

Today’s topic…we all hear how GPS tracking saves money and it does indeed…but what can happen sometimes is that end users can neglect to use the data that is being collected to help drive down costs. After the excitement of first getting GPS tracking a client can find they just get too busy to use it to its potential. Not a problem, we can help. Here are some tips and ideas. 1   Have your GPS tracking application map up on a large separate monitor in a central location if possible. The more people that see it the more it gets used. This way your whole team can potentially benefit from it more and your customers can see you are using technology to deliver better customer service and reduce greenhouse gases. 2   Use the routing feature to send the closest vehicle to a customer or supplier site. It only takes a few clicks to see who is closest and send them the most efficient route to a drivers smartphone or Garmin device. This will enhance customer service and productivity and reduce fuel bills. 3   Identify problem or inefficient drivers that are costing you money. Your GPS tracking system can generate real time alerts so you know when drivers are breaking the rules…so be sure to use this. Speeding is the main alert…not only will you save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs but your insurance bills will go down as accidents get reduced. Some devices will show when harsh braking and rapid acceleration events occur. 4   Use the reports! This keeps you on top of the fleet activities and alerts you to any problem areas. Instead of looking at lines of data, get an accurate graphic report emailed to you automatically every Monday for example to see how you crew did the previous week. Also get scheduled maintenance reports to keep your fleet in top condition and track the maintenance history. Reports can be customized making your life easier. 5   Have some fun with your GPS system…reward drivers who demonstrate safe and fuel efficient driving habbits. Or reward the most improved driver. This is technology that helps many aspect of a business. Not only does it save you a ton of money but it makes your fleet safer, greener and more efficient. 6   Share it with your customers! It takes just a few clicks to share the progress of a tracked vehicle that is scheduled to arrive at your customers site. No more back and forth on the phone…just send the link and now your client can watch the vehicle make its way to their site…beautiful!   Thanks for reading and please comment or share!   Tim