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Agile Tracking Incorporates Latest Speed Monitoring Innovation

Vancouver, BC November 28, 2013 — Agile Tracking Solutions is announcing the availability of SpeedGauge, an international provider of driver behavior and speed management solutions for commercial trucking fleets. This will allow customers of Agile Tracking to easily activate SpeedGauge’s innovative services directly from the GPS platform. SpeedGauge allows fleet managers to improve safety by reducing speeding in every location their vehicles operate. Now Agile Tracking can rapidly utilize the most innovative speed monitoring solution on the market.
SpeedGauge compares vehicle speeds to posted speed limits as part of its regular service for all interstates, side roads, and rural and urban streets – anywhere a speed limit is posted. Fleets using SpeedGauge can set customized speeding thresholds to receive reports of all incidents that exceed those limits, as well as a street view map of the location where the infraction occurred. This ability extends to yards and terminals – anywhere a fleet operates.
Excessive speeding is a major factor in 30 percent of fatal truck accidents and is a leading indicator of other types of poor driving behavior. SpeedGauge customers have come to understand that speeding is one of the easiest driver behaviors to control. Therefore, monitoring and controlling speed reduces accidents and speeding violations, both of which lead to substantial costs in fines, repairs and liabilities as well as insurance premiums and company reputations.
The addition of SpeedGauge’s services complements the already extensive functionality and customizable features built in to Agile Tracking’s GPS tracking platform. Agile Tracking provides customizable GPS tracking software, wireless data plans and hardware  that empowers fleet managers with dispatching, routing, in-cab driver messaging, geo-fencing, vehicle maintenance reminders, and a host of other tools. The platform fully integrates several hundred GPS devices, such as the Cal-Amp LMU trackers, Queclink’s GV series, Novatel MT series and devices from many other manufacturers, providing fleet managers a solution that is powerful, flexible and quickly implemented.
By combining the technologies, users are able to gain a more granular analysis of their operations to provide additional transparency to a business and enable managers to run their fleets more efficiently.
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