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Why GPS Tracking?

Today I wanted to talk about GPS tracking systems for fleet management and why it is a no brainer for any fleet. In today’s world of high energy costs, high labour costs, and low priced wireless data, GPS tracking makes more sense than ever.

The Aderdeen Group is a respected world leader in research publications and they found that the average fuel savings   companies enjoyed was between 10% and 20% after implementing a GPS tracking solution. Fuel savings typically pay for the cost of GPS tracking on its own.

However the Aberdeen Group also noted that the main reason fleet managers use GPS tracking is to enhance customer service. In today’s highly competitive market companies are always looking for ways to be more responsive to customer requests and GPS tracking does just that.

Imagine if your client is waiting for your delivery or service call…GPS tracking allows you to share the progress of a vehicle as it makes it’s way to the customer site. This is a huge convenience for customers, eliminating those time consuming calls asking when your truck is expected to arrive.

Another emerging benefit is driver behavior reporting. New GPS tracking devices have an accelerometer built in so they can detect harsh braking, cornering and hard acceleration. Now your drivers can be rewarded for safe driving habits and insurance costs will come down as you witness a reduction in accidents.

GPS tracking systems for fleet management can do even more things like helping you to project your company as an enviromentally friendly organization. GPS tracking systems for fleet management allows you to optimize routes and reduce inefficiences with your fleet. Thanks for visiting our blog and reading this far. We beleive in what we do!