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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the GPS Party

Bring Your Own Device for Worker Tracking

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the hottest buzz word in tech right now. But we’ve had it for years.

We have GPS tracking software for BYOD companies

Bring Your Own Device — or BYOD, to use the industry-favored acronym — is a topic that’s catching on like wildfire as more and more companies allow their employees to bring and use their own devices to work. The devices are typically things like the employees’s personal smartphone, and the work location could be anywhere from a staid corporate office to a natural gas pipeline in the middle of nowhere. Among other advantages like happier employees, a recent article on InfoWorld also points to a study of executives and others in the know that shows that companies that have implemented BYOD are 73% more likely to report improved sales and new customer acquisitions than companies who had not implemented Bring Your Own Device. Furthermore, fifty-four percent of those companies were more likely to report increased profits than their non-BYOD-ing counterparts.

Why the increased profitability? At least in the areas of lone worker tracking and field service workers, Bring Your Own Device, when coupled with appropriate installed tracking software and the platform to monitor it, allows companies to make sure sure that workers are where they’re supposed to be — without having to rely on an in-vehicle GPS or other device. Couple that with geofencing technology, and companies can receive an alert whenever an employee enters or leaves a given area — and if they assign a specific route, they can also make sure an employee gets into and then leaves an area by an appropriate path. All of which, of course, helps both workers and companies be more efficient — and improved efficiency always goes to bottom line, whether we’re talking about field service workers bringing their own devices or not.

The untapped potential is huge —we here at Agile Tracking are well-positioned to help your company leverage the BYOD craze. We can license the software to install on your employee devices, and get you set up in record time with the GPS tracking platform to leverage that information. If you’re an existing client, get a hold of your Fleet Consultant to find out more about how we can help you with mobile device tracking.

If you’re not currently a client but think it might be time to bring your own business to Bring-Your-Own-Device, request a demo and see how we can get you up and running with GPS tracking.