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4 Dispatcher Tools You Need

4 Dispatcher Tools Every Fleet Management Platform Should Have

Dispatchers need good tools for efficient fleet management

Great tools to help your dispatchers be great.

Whether you are a small business with 2 or 3 trucks or an enterprise large enough to host and operate your own dispatching and fleet management center, there are certain dispatcher tools you should have to make life easier for your dispatchers, boost the number of stops your drivers can make, and grow your bottom line through increased efficiencies.

Here are four tools your dispatchers will love.

1. The Ability to See Trips in Progress

First and foremost, any real-time GPS tracking platform should allow dispatchers to see all of the trips currently in progress. Having that ability means dispatchers can make more informed, more efficient decisions about which driver to send where at any given point in time.

2. The Ability to Create New Trips

A good dispatcher, of course, will oftentimes need to create new trips for his or her drivers — a “trip,” in platform-speak, simply meaning a route that has been assigned to a vehicle. Dispatchers should be able to create trip routes using a map view. For the ultimate in flexibility, a fleet management dispatcher should also be able to modify trips on the fly, adding stops in real time as appropriate.

3. The Ability to Find the Closest Driver

There are often times when an unplanned customer service call will require a vehicle to be dispatched long after routes have originally been given to drivers. When time is a critical element in these kinds of dispatches, very often the most efficient solution is to find the closest vehicle and assign it. But how does a dispatcher know which active fleet is closest to the new stop? A good tool for finding the closest asset will let the dispatcher search by either clicking on the platform’s map, typing in an address, searching for a given landmark, or even searching withing a custom-drawn circle or polygon. Only with that kind of flexibility can a dispatcher be guaranteed of finding the correct available resource to assign.

4. The Ability to Share Directions to a New Stop

Having the ability to create a new stop and add it to a driver’s trip would be pretty meaningless to a dispatcher if the driver is unable to find the newly added stop. With a Share Directions tool, your dispatchers would never need to feel that particular pain. Simply enter a starting and stopping address — or even better, just click on the desired locations in the platform tracking pane — and the system will calculate directions and send them to the driver’s phone, tablet or computer. Now that’s leveraging the efficiency of a GPS tracking platform!

Of course, you’ve probably figured out already that the Agile Tracking GPS tracking platform has all of this fleet management and dispatching goodness built right in.